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Baby Shower Photoshoot Ideas: 16 Wholesome Ideas

Baby shower photoshoot ideas are the craziest thing in the world.

EVERYTHING needs to be on time and all the while, there are so many things you need to be mindful of. Which is why, today we, here at Fotophy, are going to talk all about the best baby shower photoshoot ideas.

That is, all the things you need to keep in mind before planning one.

Oh, and bear in mind. Whether you’re a friend of the mother or father in question here, or the parents themselves, these key points should be kept in mind by everyone.

Okay, so. Let’s go!

Baby Shower Photoshoot Ideas: Focus On the Mama

The Baby Bump

The baby bump is the world’s opportunity to know that someone special is entering this world. Let the mama stand center stage in her beautiful baby shower day dress and pose at the camera. And let the camera soak that glow right into what is going to be one of the most precious moments in the family photo album.

Sun Kissed

I mean… sun kissed photos aren’t just for when you’re in your teens or twenties. With all the hormones flowing in, right now is the perfect time to soak in all that sunlight and let it radiate through your skin~

Flower Crowns

Ahhhh ladies, aren’t flower crowns just the best?

I mean, they work for literally any occasion. And especially so for baby shower photoshoot ideas. This is mama bear’s moment. And she gets to feel like her prettiest self right here in this moment!

Precious Cargo

Okay, here’s a crazy idea. And while this one might not sit right with all mothers to be, I think it’s still something you should at least give a go at. Especially if you’re someone who has been racking her brains out for the perfect combination of elegant, yet funky when it comes to baby shower photoshoot ideas.

Wrap a ribbon around the mama’s bump and there you have it!

Simple, yet cute.


And alas, all of us know that mothers are LITERAL queens.

The nine months of pregnancy, followed by all these late nights of staying up and cradling the baby until they fall asleep?

So I say, why not let the queen act like one- right here, right now in the baby shower!

Also, this right here may lead to the perfect Insta slay moment.

Actual Crown

And while standing in the field with an elegant pose may be as far as some of us want to take it, I say, why not actually take the moment in and get a crown on the mama while we’re at it?

A simple, silver head band or tiara may be the perfect elegant pose you’re looking for as the core concept when it comes to such baby shower photoshoot ideas.


All of that celebration décor and what not should be put to good use. If all you want is a cute little sit in pose at the event then why not utilize the stage that’s already been set up by your besties and get photographed right in the middle of it?

A Message

One neat little thing when it comes to baby shower photoshoot ideas is to get in a message from the womb itself.

What does that mean?

Well, for starters, the mother could write however the pregnancy has been for her, or if something like a sonogram was just taken. And then well, put it out for display for everyone to read the exciting news!

Into the Woods

But what if the mother wants something more? What if right now is the time for her to do something adventurous.

One neat little trick is to simply get pictures out in the woods.

Let the mother dress up in the finest of gowns and pose with the woody background telling tales of adventure and excitement, while ensuring that the baby remains safe.

Baby Shower Photoshoot Ideas: Let Dad In

So, typically, in a lot of places around the world, the baby shower usually becomes all about the women. And I mean, come on…that makes some sense doesn’t it?

Today is meant for the mother, her baby to come and all her amazing powerhouse friends.

But that doesn’t mean guys need to be left out of it completely. Especially, not the dad.


I know

Fathers have a hard time at baby showers which is why, we’re telling you that you need to let dad in. After all, the time a father gives to their child is precious and therefore, there needs to be a special section dedicated just to them.

Holding the Mother

And is there anything more adorable than when husbands wrap their arms around their wives when the couple is expecting?

Not only does it add in a flavor of romance to this event but also, makes the picture stand out with a distinct kind of warmth.

Forehead Kisses

Another, equally adorable pose is that of the father kissing the mother’s forehead as she holds onto her baby bump.

For all you romantics out there, this one might just be the sweetest thing in the world.

Standing Next To Each Other

But if you’re trying to keep it more elegant still, a simple, standing next to each other photograph is also one of the best baby shower photoshoot ideas out there that involve both parents.

Feeling the Kick

A baby’s first kick may be the most special. But for a couple that’s expecting, every kick is a sign that the baby is healthy and growing well inside the womb. Which is why, we need to capture this moment right here, right now!

Dads Are Hilarious

Ever heard of dad jokes?

Well, if you’re a couple then fair to say, you might just be hearing a lot of them once the baby is born.

But why not try your hand at a little dad joke earlier on?

Get the mother to stand in front of the camera while the dad stands why back in the background, and with the camera angles adjusted just right, you may get the funniest yet cutest looking baby shower photoshoot ideas of all time.

Baby Shower Photoshoot Ideas: The Friends…Umm Hello??

Alright, alright.

As much as the day is about the family itself, it is also about the wonderful and amazing friends that helped you put together today’s event.

I mean, God knows someone had to rush to get the balloons and the cake and everything. And the best friend’s legs are probably aching by now from all these errands.

So, let the friends get in with the mom to take the sweetest picture of the aunties with their new nephews/nieces who are yet to come into this world.

All In One Photo

One of the simplest yet most wholesome ideas are to just get all the girl friends to dress up and take a simple picture with the mother to be in the center.

Just the Bestie

Okay, the bestie needs to have her moment.

This is why, she needs to get a solo with her life’s one true love- her pregnant best friend.

Ah, I could tell you about the best poses you could make in this time but really, I’m pretty sure that a best friend would come up with something even more special and better than anything any of us could tell you.

With that said though, a simple, holding the baby bump or laughing with the mama to be might be a wonderful pose for baby shower photo shoot ideas.

And these right here folks, are some of our top takes on the best, gender neutral baby shower photoshoot ideas that are likely to make everyone happy at the event!

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