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Graduation Photoshoot Ideas: Best Top 20 Ideas

So, you’ve been racking your brains over getting the best graduation photoshoot ideas.

We know

And there are only so many days before the day finally arrives.

Yes, you want the perfecttt graduation picture.

BUT…. with finals around the corner, who has time to figure these things out???

Again, don’t worry.

We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re a cutie who likes to go all out on major events like these, or someone who wants to keep things simple and minimalistic; here is an article that will (hopefully) be your ultimate guide to landing the perfect graduation photoshoot ideas.

So, let’s dive in!

Graduation Photoshoot Ideas: High Schoolers Versus College Graduates


I’m not going to lie. Here’s the deal. If you want to get a picture that not only serves as a cool Insta highlight but also turns into good memorabilia, then you need to set things according to the right time.

What does this mean?

Well, if you’re in high school then bring out the cheerful young self in you in your graduation pictures. But, if you’re graduating from university- then sure, it might be fun to do freestyle (or even weird) poses on the side.

But remember.

Most of us at least, tend to upload university graduation pictures on LinkedIn, somewhere down the line.

While no one is particularly going to look at a high school graduation picture as a basis for high end jobs- if your potential employers do find that your go to graduation picture is of you circling round in confetti, it might not sit right with some firms.

Then again of course, this depends on the kind of employers you’re going to be working with. But better safe than sorry right?

In short: Go ahead and take the wildest graduation pictures after university ends. But please do get one which you can show off on semiprofessional/professional sites as well!

The same doesn’t really apply if you’re a high school graduate. Here you have some wiggle room to go as crazy as you want.

Graduation Photoshoot Ideas: Professional Versus Fun

Regardless of the level of your graduation, there are two broad categories around which most graduation photoshoot ideas are centered.

  1. The Professional Poses
  2. The Fun and Creative Poses

Like I said earlier, if you’re graduating from college/university, you should get at least one professional graduation pic.

But that doesn’t mean you need to skip out on all the fun poses that are out there!

So, without further ado, let’s look at what these are.

Graduation Photoshoot Ideas: 10 Fun Poses You Can Do

1. The Glitter Blow

Doing a fun little glitter blow has been there for ages- or at least since camera focus has improved remarkably over the past few decades. A couple of decades ago, this might have resulted in a blurry picture, but today with HD, things are quite different.

And thankfully so!

To do this, all you need to do is hold some glitter (I prefer the golden kind) in your palm and ask the camera person to take a close-up of you as you blow on it. Graduation caps on OF COURSE.

2. Throw Your Cap in the Air

Usually done in groups, such graduation photoshoot ideas have been around for as long as I can think of.

Isn’t there just something about that graduation cap that makes you want to toss it in the air as you say to yourself, “Yes! I did it. I am finally graduating!”

3. Silly Poses

Duck faces, dabs, rock star signs, and any other absolutely silly but cute poses you can think of, fall under this category.

My personal favorites (weirdly) are the angel faces for solo pictures and doing the devil fingers on a friend’s head in a group picture.

4. Do the Dab

Yep. Just do it. Everyone does it. So why not you? I mean, think about it. A few decades later your kids will likely remember the years from the mid-2010s to 2020s as the “Decade of the Dabs” and what could be more nostalgic than that?

Sure, we didn’t get crazy hairdos or bell bottoms but hey- at least we got the dab.

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5. The Collage

Why take just one group photo or one solo picture?

Instead, why not just combine all your silly, funky, and serious pictures into one cute little collage!

Now how’s that for a graduation photo shoot idea?

6. The Car Riders

Not everyone gets a car in high school or college. But if you do, why not use it as an accessory for the perfect graduation photoshoot ideas?

Go on then. Gather all your friends and sit on top of your car’s hoods. And do all the funny poses you’d like. Yes, it’s a little bougie but who cares? This is your day. Make it count!

7. Wigs

This one is more on the funky side of things than on the silly. But here goes.

The main idea here is to get rainbow like wigs and wear them on top of your gown with the graduation cap in one hand. Or better yet why not wear the wig and toss the cap at the camera?

8. Disney Poses

Many of us grew up loving Disney. So, get out a cute pair of Minnie or mickey mouse ears and wear them alongside your graduation hat. Or, as with the wig idea, hold the cap in your hand and pose to your hearts content.
Pretty cute for graduation photoshoot ideas, right?

9. The Gymnast Pose

This pose might be super niche. Which is why, if you are any good at gymnastics, you should DEFINITELY try this one out. Hang on tight to your graduation cap or wrap it around as you pull a cartwheel.

Make sure you hire the best photographers though because getting the timing right for this one is essential.

10. Eat the Building

No, not literally.

But ever seen one of those pictures where the image is photographed from a particular angle so that it looks like someone is eating the moon, or the sun?

Check some out for the leaning tower of Pisa to know exactly what we mean by these.

Just stand at the right or left of your building at the proper angle and get the shot. And trust me. This one will be a keeper!

2. Graduation Photoshoot Ideas: 10 Ideas for Professional Pictures

Okay, so what if you’re looking for a more professional-looking picture?

Again, we’ve got your back.

1. Hold Your Degree

Stand in front of the camera, with your graduation cap and gown on. Next, hold your degree in both hands and say cheese!
Literally one of the graduation photoshoot ideas that has been around forever.

2. Stand In Front of Your Building

This is probably the last time you will get a chance to work in the same building again, so why not take your best picture in front of it?

3. Simple, Sun Kissed Poses

Stand in an area that has just the right amount of sunlight to get that perfect, sun-kissed photograph on your graduation day.

4. Pose With Your Professors and Teachers

One of the best things about the university is all the professors you get to learn from. And the same goes for high school with teachers. Choose your favorite or get a picture with as many as you’d like!

5. Pose With Your Parents

For most of us, our parents are the reason we were able to get the education we did. This is why it is at the top of the list while deciding graduation photoshoot ideas to get a picture with them.

6. Show off Your Skills

Were you an athletics champion during your years here? Or did you win the title of the best debater? If so, you should take a token from these and pose along with it in your graduation picture.

7. Wear Those Medals

If you’ve won any awards for your academic/ co-curricular performance here, then make sure to shine those medals in this perfect graduation ceremony.

8. Sit On the Staircase

Almost every school/ university has a staircase that many students are fond of. We suggest you capture it as best as you can when the day comes- with you center stage of course.

9. White Background

If you want a serious picture taken, there’s always a local studio you can approach. Many will have white backgrounds that are perfect for solo graduation photoshoot ideas.

10. Group Photo with Friends

Of course, you’re going to get photographed with your friends on graduation day. So, if you’re looking for graduation photoshoot ideas, why not take one picture of everyone that also looks formal?

Who knows, maybe they’ll thank you one day for having at least one professional-looking photograph?

And there you have it.
Our take on graduation photoshoot ideas!

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