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Wedding Photoshoot Ideas- 21 Amazing Ideas

Wedding photoshoot ideas- ugh…right?

So, you’ve finally found that one special person.

And you love them with all your heart.

And what’s best of all?

You two have decided to put a ring on it!

But while all the congratulations come pouring in from friends and family and the whole world seems just a little bit more beautiful because of this person, there is still that one thing most people find annoying.

Yep, that’s right.

Planning the wedding.

Wedding Photoshoot Ideas: The Hassle

And that brings us onto the idea of the whole, “wedding hassle”.

You want the best of everything. And why shouldn’t you?

After all. It is your day.

But even so, from deciding upon the guest list, to the caterers, to wedding venues and so on, things can become quite hectic.

And the same applies to wedding photoshoot ideas. You really want to get the most beautiful pictures on that day, but time is hardly ever on your side during a wedding.

Which is why, it might be best to plan everything out beforehand.

Especially, the photoshoot.

Knowing just what it is you want the photographers to capture on that day can be a relief for both you and the photographer.

Sure, any professional would have a bunch of concepts under their sleeve. But why not spend a few moments right now and try to look at the different kinds of wedding photoshoot ideas which you might just want when the day comes?

Wedding Photoshoot Ideas: 21 Awesome Ideas

  1. The Bride

Sure, the wedding is important for everyone involved. But who should be the center of importance on that day?

The bride and groom, right?

Of course.

So it only makes sense that the bride should be the first one you think of when you’re planning and thinking through wedding photoshoot ideas. Some women might like to emphasize on their dresses while others might want to put focus on the venue around them. After all, all of it did take you, the bride, a significant amount of energy to get done with everything today and put on the best kind of venue for everyone.

And other brides might want to focus on something even more personal. That is, their emotions and just how happy they are on that day.

Whatever you choose for your Bridal wedding photoshoot ideas, the key point is the same: the focus should be all on you!

2. The Groom

Now, a lot of us might consider this day to be more about the bride than the groom but really, that’s just not true, is it?

More men than not, actually prefer to enjoy the wedding functions as opposed to sulking during it all.

So, why not plan one that is all about the groom too?

And boy, is it classy to have the man of your dreams all suited up and posing for a picture on the day of the wedding. Trust us, even if some might be hesitant about it, when enough years pass and you open up that photo album one day- they will be thankful that you guys planned a photoshoot just for him!

3. The Bridesmaids

Now don’t get the wrong idea, but while the bride and groom may be the “center of attention” today. There are friends without whom none of this would have been possible to pull off.

And yep, those people are indeed the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

This is why, it is crucial to ensure that you get a good one of all your bridesmaids together.

4. Groomsmen

The same, of course, applies to the friends of the groom.

I mean come on, if your mates break their backs running errands on the day, they must get their own time in the spotlight!

5. The Family

This one literally goes without saying.

The parents should of course have their time with the couple and get the sweetest, cutest pictures possible when they finally get to see their babies all grown up and starting a new chapter of their life.

One cute idea might be to get both, the brides and the groom’s parents, all together in one picture.


6. Under the Bridge

Okay, enough about everyone else. Let’s get back to the newlyweds now.


The first one of these has been around since forever. If you’ve ever gone under a bridge of hands in a game as a child and found the moment to be sweet, well guess what?

Now you get to do it as an adult. And what’s best is that you get to do it with your other half!

7. The Twirl

Oh if the movies got one thing right then this has to be it.

Ah, the twirl…

Sweet yet elegant and classy.

What better wedding photoshoot ideas are there than to capture a special moment with your spouse as the wife twirls with the carefully guided hand of the husband. And what’s the most awesome thing about it, you ask?

Why of course, the dress!

Let it spin and show all its beauty in this sweet, wholesome twirl.

8. Under the Lights

Sure, going under a bridge might be fun and exciting, but standing next to your other half under all the stary lights is more than you could put into words.

9. Hugging

Hugs are sweet and warm. And a hug with your spouse in the wedding album is the sweetest, warmest thing out there.

10. Through the Fields

And what if instead of being romantic, you two brought out your spirited sides and simply ran through a summery field together?

11. On a Bridge

Or, alternatively, you could also stand on a bridge made of wood, rather than passing under one?

12. Forehead bump

A sweeter idea might still be to pose against each other, with your foreheads touching and eyes close. And this way, you might just get to take in the moment amidst all the flashes!

13. Keep it simple

Sometimes, the best wedding photoshoot ideas are the simplest.

So try doing a simple yet elegant pose like this one.

14. Adventure

Or perhaps, you want your wedding photoshoot ideas to be a bit more so on the adventurous side of things. So, why not take a walk through the woods with your loved ones hand in yours?

15. On a Cliff

Even more exciting?

If you have a cliff nearby, why not walk up to it and pose!

16. Sit On A Swing

If it’s a Desi wedding then even better!

If you have it in the event, why not take the swing for a little spin?

17. Down the Stairs

The best wedding photoshoot ideas though might not even require as many props. Simply walk the bride down the stairs

18. Smile at Each Other

Or, just smile.

19. Eyes at the Camera

Even simpler, yet daring? Look right at the camera!

20. At the Altar

Wedding photoshoot ideas with the age old prop?

21. Destination Themed

And finally, to sum up all wedding photoshoot ideas; if you want to go all out then go for a destination themed photography!

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