What is AI Image Processing

What is AI Image Processing?

AI is not a new word to come across already!

What is AI Image Processing?

Yet, many people are still unaware of how it actually works. And, if it gets to AI image processing, it will leave many of us to wonder what really is it.

Let’s first understand what AI Is?

To put it simply, AI(Artificial Intelligence) is something that you want it to be. Let’s say you want to use AI to identify a red car, so you would be first teaching what Red color is just like a child.

You’d have to teach the AI by identifying the red part in a picture, then you will assess it and check its understanding which is called any AI Model’s accuracy (the higher the better).

That’s pretty much it, and the very idea of making the computer learn for once and it doing the same thing with minimum errors is amazing. This is exactly why AI has gained massive popularity and it is everywhere around us and we do not even notice it.

The model I told here is the most basic one, and of course, the world is working on some really complex tasks with self-teaching AIs.

AI does wonders, from beating the world’s best chess player to robots and AI voices that sound exactly like humans.

There are many useful applications of AI and if you want to learn more about it, check it over here and here.

Now, before we see how do AI and images work together, we need to know what exactly is Image Processing.

What is Image Processing?

Guess it?

No, don’t! Guess first!

Well, it’s simple! You need an image to get processed either to enhance some features about it or you want to extract some useful information from it.

There used to be physical image processing where we used to process physical images, but for AI we need to process digital images primarily to extract useful information.

What is included in Image Processing?

This field is pretty extensive and we will discuss a few:

  1. Image enhancement
    This is a category that you are well aware of. Editing/Enhancing an image through a specialized software and what we commonly refer to as photoshopped images comes under this category.
  2. Image restoration
  3. Morphological processing
  4. Image recognition
  5. Representation and description

Getting closer to AI and images, we still are not aware of the fact what parameters exactly teach the computer about the images we process.

Image Processing Methods and Techniques

Image Processing Tools

Now, we feel a bit confident when we say AI image processing, but there is still some geeky stuff left that will let you understand it completely.

Neural Networks

Now, what is that?

That’s all you needed to know about AI Image processing.

Hey, but you didn’t tell what Fotophy does for AI Image Processing.

Fotophy and Image Processing

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